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"You spoke at our Eastside Genealogy Society meeting in Bellevue, Washington last month.  I just wanted to say thank you.  I created a slideshow of my mother’s family and have sent it to family members who have all been very moved by the experience.
Please thank everyone at for giving me the tools to tell my family story. I’ve created a documentary of my personal history!  And I can’t believe how easy it was. Thank you again, and warmest regards."
Bronwen Maxwell (Aug 2010)


"I have heard from a several of our members, who attended your talk,
about how impressed they were with you. Your talk was very well organized, and the items you projected on the screen excellently demonstrated the benefits of MyHeritage, and the many ways that we can extend, improve and share our families histories."
Rosanne LeesonJGS Sacramento (May 08, 2010)
"Thanks again for a wonderful presentation. Everyone is so excited about the turnout and I just heard that out of the 55 people who attended - 40 of them were NOT members, just people who had heard about the presentation and came to learn. Of those 40 people 7 of them joined the society before they left the library today!"
Sheri Fenley, The Educated Genealogist (Apr 22, 2010)
"Many thanks for spending the time with us (JGSS) and for such a super
presentation. You are personable and delightful and always welcome to come back."
Morton Rumberg, JGS Sacramento (Apr 19, 2010)


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