The Horowitz Families Association




General Information
The Horowitz Family Association was established with the cooperation of the Diaspora Museum and the Institute for Interdisciplinary Research of the Jewish Family Heritage, was registered as an israeli foundation at the Ministry of the Interior, Registrar of Fellowship Societies, in the month of Kislev, 5752 - November 1991 (no. 58-019-634-3), in accordance with the Associations Law, 5740 - 1980. Its activities take place in Israel and the official language of the Association is Hebrew. On special issues, texts are translated in English and Russian. The main publications of the Association are: a newsletter "Yedion" sent to all its members, and a yearbook "Beth Horowitz" including articles and reports on personalities and events related to members of Horowitz Families. The association is headed by an elected directorate composed of 25 members, The Executive Board and the Association's various committees meet at regular intervals.

The Horowitz Families Association was set up in order to collect and document information about the important part played by Horowitzes in the history of the Jewish people both in the Diaspora and in Israel, and to make connections between the various family branches. In an attempt to achieve these aims, the Families Association holds national and international conferences and study days, organizes visits to places with family connections, publishes material on historical subjects and initiates various activities intended to perpetuate the family heritage amongst the younger generation and the new immigrant population.

  1. To conduct research on the participation of the Horowitz families in the history of the Jewish people.
  2. To conduct seminars and national and international conferences pertaining to the matters subject to the association's research.
  3. To publish Horowitz families' histories.
  4. To conduct activities to enhance feelings of belonging .to the expanded family, with special emphasis on the future generation of Horowitz sons, thus fortifying the relations and identification with the Jewish people as a whole.
  5. To conduct activities to bring various Horowitz family members closer together, those living in Israel and in the Diaspora.

The new Horowitz Families website
The establishment of the new Horowitz Families website in English, will enable members of the Horowitz families from all over the world to make direct contact. Since we just started this website, it will be based mainly, for the time being, on information related to the Israeli Horowitz Association.
However, in the future we intend to present information on events and publications, related to Horowitz persons or historical personalities, based on world-wide sources and complete access to the Horowitz Family Tree genealogical datebase (currently under construction).
The development of the website will be gradual, depending on the response of Horowitzes in and out of Israel. At the present stage, we urgently need help from people whose mother tongue is English to volunteer for translating and/or editing from Hebrew to English.

The Association's Activities
The activities of the Horowitz Families Association are intended for all branches of the Horowitz Families, whether their name is Ish-Horowitz, Horowitz, Hurwitz, Gurevitch and all his aseptions. The Association holds annual meetings and sponsored in Tel Aviv in 1996 an international conference, which made possible the meeting of many members of the families from Israel and abroad. As a result, a parallel association was set up in the USA for Horowitz family members from abroad. For a complete list of the Association's recent activities please visit the Events page. The association have to date comprised:

Membership of the Association
For information abour the members of the ssociation and membership please visit the Members page.