The 23nd Horowitz Family Convention and Seminar
60th anniversary of the UN decision on foundation of Eretz Israel

1st day of Hanukkah, Wednesday the 05 of December 2007 at 16:30

The 23rd Convention and Conference of the Horowitz Families was dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the UN decision on foundation of the Jewish state in Eretz Israel and declaration of its independence, after two thousand years of exile. The Horowitzes contributed much to the both mentioned processes. David (Dolek) Horowitz, the future Head of the Bank of Israel, worked hard side by side with Moshe Sharet and Abba Eban, to persuade the representatives of many countries to vote in favor of the mentioned resolution. With the outbreak of the Independence War, the Horowitzes fought at various fronts, and among them Zerubavel Horowitz, may the Lord revenge his blood, who fell in the battle for Nebi Daniel and was posthumously awarded with the decoration "Hero of Israel". We also recolled how in those hard days the Czechoslovak Republic where the Horowitz family had been born, stood on our side.

16:30 Getting together, refreshments, purchase of books, payment of membership fees for 2008
17:00 General meeting
18:00 Lighting of the Hanukkah candles. Singing Hanukkah songs


18:10 Opening of the 23rd Conference: "Israel and Czechoslovakia At the Foundation of the State of Israel, The Perspective of 60 Years"

Eng. Yitzhak Ish-Horowitz, the Chairman of the Horowitz Families Association. Our roots in Bohemia.

The Ambassador of the Czech Republic in Israel address to the Conference.

Mr. Chanan Rosen, the President of the Israeli-Czech Friendship Society's address to the Conference.

Presentation: Tomas Masaryk, the Founder of Czechoslovakia, the Friend of the Jews, 80 Years Since His Visit to Eretz Israel (including Tel Aviv). Masaryk Square and Kfar Masaryk were named after him.

Presentation: 60 Years since the UN Resolution from 29th of November.
1. David (Dolek) Horowitz's Part in the 29th of November' Resolution.
2. Czechoslovakia's Support of the UN Partition Resolution.

Presentation. 60 Years to the Independence War.
1. The Horowitzs' Contribution to the Independence War.
2. Czechoslovakia's Support of the War for Israel's Independence (Arms Supply, Pilots Training, e.g.).