Horowitz day trip to Jerusalem 2008

41 year of Jerusalem reunification
60 years of Israel
387 years from alia of Hashalah from Prage to Jerusalem

Wednesday 30 Jul 2008
Theme: Horowitz Family contribution to the building of Jerusalem

09:45 am Gathering in front of Binianey Hauma, Jerusalem.
10:00 am Traveling by bus to Nahalat Shiva, Guided tour, between others, by Arye Leib Horowitz,of the neighborhood.
11:00 am Old City tour to the sites where the house and the Yeshiva of Ha Shelah stood from 1621. Afterwards meeting with Dr. Horowitz, Director of the "City of David": His personal story and efforts to develop the "City of David".
12:30 pm Flower offering at the monument in memory of the casualties, among them Reaya Hurwitz, of the Convoy Hadasa to Hatzofim mountain at Shaich Jarach.
01:00 pm Stories in the bus on the way to Hatzofim mountain. about Horowitz families during the independence war.
01:30 pm Lunch at the students restaurant at Hatzofim mountain.
02:30 pm Short explanation about the University and the Hadasa hospital.
03:00 pm Visit to Israel National Bank or Beit Shalom (The lawyer Shalom Horowitz's house) or The Lander Institute. Lecture about the contribution of the Horowitzes to the economical and cultural development of Jerusalem in the XX century. Guest: Prof. Karmy Horowitz, Lander Institute Director; Dr. Nery Horowitz, Grandchild of Israel National Bank secretary; and Harry Horowitz, Director of Begin Center.
05:00 pm Hertzel Mountain to visit Zerubabel Horowitz grave.
06:00 pm At Yeshiva Dvar Yerushalaim in Noff Mountain, words from Rab. Baruch Horowitz, refreshments and exhibition of a book written by Horowitzes.
07:00 pm Arrival at Binianey Hauma.

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