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Since one of the purposes of the Horowitz Families Association is to document the history of Horowitz families in general and the contribution of outstanding Horowitz individuals to their community, we intend to gather and to publish relevant information on these subjects. We are pleased to announce that Dr. Chaim Horovitz, has taken charge of the library and the archives of our society. He is cataloguing the existing material in the library. In order to enlarge the scope of the documentation, we appeal to our Members and Friends to send us relevant testimonies about historical and familial events and personal biographies. We shall welcome materials related to the Horowitz heritage. For further details, please contact us or directly Dr. Chaim Horovitz (

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This bibliographic list; compiled and updated by Dr. Chaim Horovitz [Phone 972 (08) 9455354] with contributions by Daniel Ofir and Gabriel Horowitz, contains only one item published by an author, usually the more recent one. Further suggestions, additions, corrections to this list, and donations to our library are welcome.

* Items available for consulting at the residence of the Association in Beit Hatanach, Sderot Rotschildt 16, Tel Aviv 66881, Israel, through prior appointment with Dr. Chaim T. Horovitz.

Books About the History and Genealogy of the Horowitz Families

Noach Chaim Moshe Levin. Sefer Meghilat Iochasin (Scroll Book about Relationships), Warsaw 1889, 24 p.

Pinchas Pesis. Ateret Leviyim (The Levite's Crown). Warsaw 1902

Shmuel Z. Kahaneh. Anaf Etz Avot (A Branch of the Fathers' Tree). Kracow, 1903

Chaim Doverish Friedberg. Geschichte der Familie Horowitz (History of the Horowitz Family). Frankfurt, 1911, 28 p.

A.Freiman. Aus dem Stambuch der Familien Ettinger-Freiman-Horowitz (From the Origins of the Families Ettinger-Freiman-Horowitz), 1925

Chaim Doverish Friedberg. Toldot Mispachat Horowitz (History of the Family Horowitz). Antwerpen, 1928, 32 p

A. L. Frumkin. Toldot Chachamei Ierushalaim, 1928-1930, Part 1: pp. 146-158

Zvi Hirsh Ha-Levi Ish-Horowitz. Toldot Mishpachat Horowitz (History of the Horowitz Family), Cracow, 1935.

Rav Shlomo ben Shmuel Horwitz, 1873-1943. Tel Iosef, 1943, 48 p.

Yoel Margareten, Jacob Horowitz, George Horowitz, Rabbi Edward Horowitz & Dr. Isidore Margareten. Directory and Genealogy of the Horowitz-Margareten Family. Horowitz-Margareten Family Association, Los Angeles - New York, 1955, 207 p.

Tzvi Horowitz (1899-). Mishpachat Horowitz (The Horowitz Family). Kiryat Tivon 1973.

Neil Rosenstein. Unbroken Chain, wsCIS, Lakewood, NJ 1990.

Itzhak Alfasi. Hachasidut, Tel Aviv 1977, selected pages from a total of 294 pp.

I. L. Shapira . Mispachot Atikot B'Israel (Ancient Families in Israel). Tel Aviv, 1982, chapters 6, 7 & 8

Israel Arie Margaliot. Sefer Ezer L-cheker Iochasin. Elef Margaliot (A helper book to the research of ancestry. Thousand gems). Jerusalem 1993, Selected pages from a total of 600 p.

David Horowitz. Shorashim Amukim, Anaf shel Bnei Horowitz Sh-einam Leviim (Deep Roots. A Branch of Horowitz Family who are not Levites. Descendants of Rabbi Isaac Hamburger). Tel Aviv, 1996, 23 p.

Shlomo Gurevich. Gurevich, Gurovich, Gurvich, Gorvich, Gurvitz, Gorowitz i Drughie. Istoriya Bolshoi Sem'i. Haifa 1999, 148& XX p. (Russian). 145 names.

Shlomo Chaim Moshe Ramati. Megilat Iochasin le-mishpachat Rotman-Ramati (Scroll of the relationships of the family Totman-Ramati), Haifa 1999. pp.123-128 on the Horowitz and a genealogical chart

Shlomo Gurevich. Gurevich, Gurovich, Gurvich, Gorvich, Gurvitz, Horowitz and others. History of a Great Family. Haifa, 2000, 134 p. (English, for the book's abstract click here)

Itzhak and Iosef Lerer. Mishpachat Halevi Ish-Horowitz, Mi-Sfarad Derech Europa l-Tveria (The Family Halevy Ish Horowitz, from Spain through Europe to Tveria). Petach Tiqva, 2002, 116 p & four genealogical maps


*University Haifa. Bibliography of books and articles written by Horowitz authors . Volumes 1-3, January 2002

*University Haifa. Bibliography of books and articles written by Gorowitz authors. Volume 1, January 2002

*Chaim Horovitz. Preliminary list of Horowitz women in Israel

Chaim Horovitz. Preliminary list of Horowitz women in the world

* Dossier # 1

Manuscripts about the History and Genealogy of Horowitz Families

Yehuda Aharon Halevi-Horowitz. Lexicon Mishpachat Horowitz. Jerusalem, 1980, 100 p.

Irit Frank. Mishpachat Horowitz. Shorshei Mishpachot Ba-aretz Ub-tfutzot (The roots of the Horowitz families in Israel and in the Diaspora). December 1981, 94 p.

Paul J. Yacob, Mishpachat Horowitz (The Horowitz Family). Jerusalem, December 1985, Vol. 1: p. 1-73; Vol.2: p. 74-159

Shapir Zeev Horowitz. Al Toldot Mishpachat Horowitz. 1995, 15 p.

* Dossier #2 (Genealogy)

Tzvi Halevi Ish Horowitz, (1851-1905) Rabbi from Dresden.

History of the Horowitz Family who Settled in Prague, Bohemia. Jewish Historical Clock Series, slides 1-14.

Reshima Shel Mishpachat Ha-Levi Ish-Horowitz. 1992, 1 p.

Bnei Horowitz Mi-Zfat, 6 p.

The Horowitz Families from Bryansk, Grodno Guberniya, 4 p.

Tarshim Mishpachat Levi Mi-tanach

Rabbanim Horowitzim Mitokh Yalkut ha-Roeh, 1981, 2 p.

Machaneh Levi, newspaper article, 20.9.1996.

Kta'im Mitoch Tarshim Broda, 1981

Descendants of Gershon Horowitz

The Krapiffsky Family, beginning with 1853 (Finland, USA, Israel), 38 p.

Shafir Horowitz. Mishpachat Horowitz. 24.10.1995. 16 p.

Mordechai Ben David Horowitz. V-od al Makor Ha-shem Horowitz, 15.6.1995, 2p.

Various Genealogical Trees

Chaim Doverish Friedberg. Toldot Mishpachat Horowitz ( History of the Family Horowitz). Frankfurt 1911, 28 p.

Ilan Ichasin Mishpachot Shpitz-Hilman-Deutsch. 1990. 17 p.

Cyril Horowitz. 1948

Tismonet Horwitz (The syndrome Horwitz), newspaper Yediyot Acharonot 14.1.199? on Ygal Horwitz

Gabriel Horowitz. Bnei Horowitz B-aliya Ha-rishona, 10 p.

*Dossier # 3

Encyclopedias, Articles, And Other Materials Containing Information About the Horowitz Families

* Ottuv Slovnik Naucky (Czech Encyclopedia), Prague 1897. 3 names

Jewish Encyclopedia. New York & London 1904, Vol. 6, pp.465-469

Juedisches Lexicon. Berlin 1928, Bd 2, pp. 1667-1674

* S. Wininger. Grosse Juedische National Biographie. 1928, Vol. 3, pp.162-171, 23 names.

* Ishayahu Vinograd. Otzar Hasefer Haivri (Treasury of the Hebrew Book), Jerusalem 1935, Part 1, Index: pp. 219-220.

* Philo-Lexikon. Handbuch des Juedischen Wissens. Berlin 1935. 5 names

The Universal Jewish Encyclopedia. New York. Vol. 5, pp. 456-461, 18 names

* Chaim Friedberg. Bet Eked Sepharim.Bibliographical Lexicon, of whole Hebrw & Jewish-German, Arab, Greek, French, Italian, Latin, Persian, Samaritan, Spanish-Portuquese & Tartarian works, printed in 1474-1950 with Hebrew letters, 1951, Vols.1-4, 2d ed. Index of 116 names

* Julius Fuerst. Bibliotheca Judaica, Bibliographisches Handbuch der gesammten Juedischen Literatur, revised edition, Hildensheim 1960 (First published in Leipzig 1848). pp. 408-412, 19 names

Ha-Entziklopediya Ha-Ivrit. Jerusalem, 1965, Vol. 13, pp. 939-951, 14 names

* Entziklopediya L'chalutzei Ha-ishuv U-Bonav. Vols. 1-18, Tel Aviv, 1962, 34 names Horowitz & 5 names Gorwitz

* Saul Chajes. Pseudonymen-Lexikon der Hebraeischen und Jiddischen Literatur. Hildensheim, 1967. Index of 36 names

* British Museum. General Catalogue of Printed Books to 1955. London 1967. 53 names

* Ch. B. Friedberg & Baruch Friedberg. Bet Eked Sepharim, Bibliographical Lexicon. Vol. 4 Index: pp.1296-1297, 1951

* Shaul Chaiot. Otzar Bidui Hashem, Pseudonymen-Lexikon der Hebraeischen und Jiddischen Literatur, Hildesheim 1967. Index: p.24

Encyclopedia Judaica. Jerusalem. 1971, Vol. 8, pp. 979-1007

* Otzar Hamechabrim ( Treasure of Authors ) 1950-1976. Tzfat 1976. Index 133 names

* Itzhak Alfasi. Hachasidut. Tel Aviv 1977. 5 names

* Verlag Dokumentation. Muenchen 1978. Vol. 59: 1911-1965. 49 names

* Combined Retrospective Index to Book Reviews.Vol.5. Arlington 1980. 10 names

* Kratkaya Evreiskaya Entziklopediya (Short Jewish Encyclopedy), Jerusalem 1982, vol. 2, pp. 178-179 (Russian)

* Author Biographical Master Index. , Vol.1, 1984. Index of 28 names; Vol .2, 1981-2, Index of 107 names

* Who's Who in the West. 22 ed. 1989-90. 12 names

* American Men and Women of Science. 1998-9, pp. 981-983; 989-990, 47 names

* Who is Who in America. 45 ed. 1988-89, pp. 1472-3, 22 names

* Who is Who in Technology. Detroit 1989, p. 687, 8 names

* Who's who in Finance & Industry, 26 ed, 1989-90. 3 names

* Chachamei Transylvania (The Wisers of Transylvania). Jerusalem 1989. 15 names

* Israel Arieh Margaliot. Sefer Ezer Le-Cheker Yochasin. Elef Margaliot (Assistant Book to the Research of Privileged. Thousand Gems). Jerusalem 1993. 12 names and a genealogical chart of the Horowitz dinasty

* The Concise Dictionary of American Jewish Biography. Brooklyn, 1994, Vol 2, pp. 279-281, 34 names

* Yeshayahu Vinograd. Otzar Hasefer Haivri (Treasure if the Hebrew Book, 1469-1863), Jerusalem 1995. Index of 44 names

* Yoav Itzhak. Machleket Rishona (First Class). Tel Aviv 1998. 3 names

* Who is Who in Israel. 24 ed, 2000-01, pp.188-189, 3 names

* International Who's Who Around the World. 2000, pp. 710, 729, 4 names

* Who is Who (in Great Britain). London, 2001, pp. 509, 1011, 1045, 4 names

* H. Volavkova. The Pinkas Synagogue. Statnu pedagogicke nakladatelstvi, Praha, 1955

* Meir Hershkovitz., Parnas Le-doro. Hitkatvut Eliezer Lipman Prinz im Chachamei Doro. (The correspondence of Eliezer Lipman Prinz with the wises of his generation). Hoboken, N.J., 1992, pp.25-27, 209-211, 340-360

* Ramon Albrecht & Narcio Arego. The Jews in Gerona, 1994. 96 p.

* Neil Rosenstein. Will the correct Pinchas Horowitz please stand up ?. Journal "Avoteinu", Vol.15,2, p.18, 1999

* Michael Honey. A method for depicting interconnected rabbinical families simultaneously : The Jewish historical clock. Avotaynu 17: 10-15, 2001. with a diagram of the Horowitz dynasty

*Dossier # 4 (Articles and various materials)

Moshe Ish-Horowitz. Religious Tolerance and Diversity In Judaism, 1998, pp. 249-261

Moshe Ish-Horowitz. Righteousness (Tsedek) In The Bible and the Rabbinic Interpretation. 1998, pp. 577-587.

Uri Sela. Kehilat Frankfurt v-Rabbaneiha Mibeit Horowitz, 11.1.1994.

Chaya Horowitz. Mevakeret Yiriya Ha-chadasha

Joseph Horowitz. The Arthur Szyk Society. The Haaggada, 1995

Israel Dov Berl Ha-Levi Ish-Horowitz mi-Zfat

Tomas Pekny, excerpt from the book "Toldot Yahadut Czechiya u-Moravia, pp. 53-54, 278-279, 333.

Bezalel Roth, excerpt from the book "Hahazkarah Le-yahadut Frankfurt", pp. 8, 42.

Horowitz ORT School in Carmiel, Israel

Chaim Horovitz.Toldot Horowitz b-kzara , Weekly "Arim", 11.12.1992

Ha-Haaggadah L-Beit Horowitz, Newspaper "Yediot Achronot", 13.9.1991

Aviv Horwitz. Ksh-Horwitz Paga et Horwitz. (When Horwitz attacked Horwitz), Weekly "Ba-Machane" 12.5.1993

Judy Siegel, Oldest-ever US Immigrant, 102, Arrives. Jerusalem Post, 31.3.1998 (About Belle Goldstein, a descendant of the famous Rabbi Isaiah Horowitz)

Masaot Horwitz Ukabinet (The Travels of Horwitz and the Cabinet). Newspaper "Haaretz", 1.9.2000

Shaul Ghinzberg. L'varoch B'haghiech L'gvurot (Blessing on the Achievement of the Strength). Internal brochure of Kibbutz Sdeh Eliyahu, 11.5.2000. (About Baruch Horwitz on his 80th birthday)

Hommage to Professor Ytzhak Halbert, on the occasion of his 90th birthday, 17.6.1996

* Dossier # 5
Various letters

* Dossier # 6
Archive with pictures from various excursions and events of the Association

*Yedion. Horowitz Newsletters, in Hebrew

#1. July 1992. The Horowitz Synagogue in Prague

#2. February 1993. Organized excursions

#3. July 1993. Organized meetings

#4. April 1994.. The courtyard Ha-shala in Jerusalem

#5. September 1994. The name Horowitz isn't only Jewish

#6. June 1995. About the origin of the name Horowitz

#7. September 1995. Letter of Chaim Weizmann

#8. February 1996. Arale Horwitz 1929-1994. Obituary

#9. November 1996. Summing up the International congress

#10. February 1997. Shalom Horowitz, president of Philharmony

#11. November 1997. Excursions

#12. May 1998. Dr. Paul Yakoby. Obituary

#13. April 1999. Search for relatives

#14. September 1999. Horowitz- first citizens of Tel Aviv

#15. April 2000. Michel Hourwitz from Yaffo

#16. February 2001. Visiting the town Horovice

#17. June 2001. Uri Horwitz. Obituary

#18. September 2001. Internet website of the Association

#19. November 2001. Binyamin Ziegel Ish-Horowitz. Obituary

#20. March 2003. Robert Horwitz, laureate of the Nobel prize 2002

* Yearbook Brochures Edited by the Horowitz Families Association, in Hebrew

These Yearbooks may be purchased at 10 US$ or 40 NIS/ each

Alef. Beit Horowitz. Tel Aviv 1993. 56 p

The first study meeting, Tel Aviv, 5.12.1992

The second study meeting, Jerusalem, 2.9.1992

Efraim Aba. Nachum Horowitz (1891-1989), member of "Hashomer" from Kfar Giladi., p. 11-15

Daniel Ofir. The synagogue of the Horowitz family in Prague, p. 25-28.

Daniel Ofir. The Family Halevi-Horovitz. From Gerona to Prague, p.37-40

Carmi Horowitz. Spiritual currents at the beginnings of the Horowitz dinasty, p. 41-45

Avner Horowitz. David Horowitz,. governor of Bank Israel (1899-1979), p. 52-55

Beth. Beit Horowitz. Tel Aviv, 1994, 45 p.

The third study meeting Tel Aviv 16.3.1993

The fourth study meeting, Tel Aviv 14.12.1993

Israel Zishe Horowitz. The rabbi Shmuel Horowitz (1726-1778) from Nikolsberg, p. 12-13

Gabriel Horowitz. The Horowitz of the first Aliya, p. 14-18

Irit Frank-Rotem. The Horowitz, founders of Rishon Letzion. p. 19-21

Aviva Neeman. The Horowitz family from Tzfat, p. 28-34

Gabriel Horowitz. Zerubabel Horowitz (1923-1948), hero of Israel, p. 35-38

Daniel Ofir. The travel of our delegation to Prague and Horovice, p. 41-44

Ghimel. Beit Horowitz. Tel Aviv, 1995, 50 p.

The fifth study meeting, Tel Aviv, 29.12.1994

The sixth study meeting, Tel Aviv 24.10.1995

Gabriel Horowitz. Arie Leib Horowitz (1837- 1909), founder of "Nachlat Shiv'a" in Jerusalem, p.8-11.

Natanel Golan-Horowitz. With the armored forces on the Golan Heights, p. 12-16

Amos Hadar. Ygal (1918-1994) and the house Horwitz from Nahalal, p. 26-29.

Gabriel Horowitz. The contribution of the Horowitz families to the settlement of the Valley p. 30-38.

Dani Horowitz. The play "Yosale Golem", p. 39-43 (about the Golem) p. 39-43.

Daniel Ofir. The mariages between the Horowitz families, p.45-49.

Daleth. Beit Horowitz, Tel Aviv 1999, 44 p.

Account on the activities of the Society, 1996-1999

Menachem Argov. Gerona, cradle of the family Horowitz, p. 8-11

David Horowitz. The Horowitz, who are not Leviim, p. 20

Daniel Ofir. The common background of the families Yafe and Horowitz, p. 21-25

Chaim Peles. Rabbi Iakov Itzhak Halevi Horowitz (1745-1815)-the prophet from Lublin, p. 26-28

Menashe Horowitz. Efraim Iehoshua Horowitz, and the association "Safa brura" (distinct language) for the cultivation of the Hebrew language in Satari-Sambov, p. 29-31

Dana Gogan. My father, the writer Yakov Horowitz (1901-1975), p. 32-35

Gabriel Horowitz. Zeev Vilek Horowitz (1904-1999), founder of "Mishmar Haemek", p. 36-43

Books Writen by Members of the Horowitz Families (A partial list from several thousand published books)

Natural Sciences and Technology

Orville Horowitz. A Compendium of Surgery. Philadelphia 1855, 210 p.

Moritz Horowitz. Ueber eine neue Bildungsweise der Xylylsaeuren und der Dimethyl acetophenone. Bern 1890.

Leopold Horowitz. Ueber die Behandlung der Diphterie mit dem Behringschen Heilserum in der medizinischen Klinik zu Bonn. Crefeld 1895. 33 p

S. Horovitz. Contributiuni la studiul formelor atipice si anatomiei patologice a boalei lui Parkinson (Contribution to the study of atypical forms and the pathological anatomy of the Parkinson disease). Iasi 1906. Romanian

Mendel Horowitz. Tratamentul Corpului prin Tracheotomie (The Body Treatment with Tracheotomy). Iasi 1899, PhD diss. (Romanian)

W.L. Horowitz. Das Leben im Weltall, Selbstverlag Braila, 1903. 227 p.

Kazimir Joseph Horowicz (Chorowicz). Uber die geschlechtsverhaeltnis bei Zwillingsgeburten. Goettingen 1912. PhD diss.

Isaac Horovitz. Der Einfluss von Kokain und Homatropin auf Akkommodation und Papillengroesse. Berlin 1912. PhD diss.

Stefanie Horovitz. Ueber die Umlagerung des Chinins mit Schwefelsaure. Wien 1913 PhD diss.

Hermann Horowitz. Die Theorie des quadratischen Reziprozitaetsgesetzes in algebraischen Zahlenkoerpern. Wien 1915. PhD diss.

Karl Horowitz. Die geschichtliche Entwicklung des physikalischen Relativitaetsgedanken. Wien 1916, PhD diss.

Artur Horovitz (1892-). Ueber traumatische Zwerchfellhernien. Berlin 1919. PhD diss.

Karl Horovitz. Die Untersuchung der Krystallstruktur mittels radioaktiver Substanzen. Wien 1924.

Elias Horovitz. Raportul intre Sero-reactia de Fixare a Complementului cu Antigenele Calmette-Massol si Beredka (Relathioship Between the Serum Reaction of the Complement Fixation with antigens Calmette-Massol and Beredka). Bucharest 1927. PhD diss.(Romanian)

Alter Horowitz. Pyrogene Zersetzung von Saeureestern. Wien 1928. PhD diss.

Alexander Horowitz. Berliner-Blau-Sol und Turnbullblau-Sol. Berlin 1929. PhD diss. 29 p.

Amnon Horwitz. Ghidul Ha-bananot B'Eretz Israel (Cultivation of Bananas in Eretz Israel), Tel Aviv 1930.

Max Horowitz. Ein seltener Fall von multiplen Tumoren und Kleinwuchs. Basel 1935.PhD diss

Icek Ajzak Horowicz. Ueber die symptomatologische Bedeutung isolierter Muskelhyertrophien. Basel 1948. PhD diss.

Lester Horwitz.Patent Rules & Practice. 1959. Eight volumes.

Zanwel Horowicz. Untersuchungen zur Haeufigkeit des Antigens Jk in Oberbayern. Muenchen 1961. 22 p.

Isaac Horowitz(1920-). Synthesis of Feedback Systems. 1963

Shmuel Horwitz (1934-), Ha-chaklaut B-mizrach Ha-aravi (The Agriculture of the Middle East), Tel Aviv 1966

Felix Haurowitz (1896-) Immunochemistry and the Biosynthesis of Antibodies, 1968

Bernard Horovitz. Organe de masini (Engine organs). Bucuresti, 1969

Beatrice Horovitz. Theoretical analysis of the flow through a particular wall-attachment fluidic component. Bucuresti, 1972

Leonard Horwitz. Clinical Prediction in Psychotherapy. 1974. 348 p.

S. H. Horowitz & R. Hong. The Pathogenesis and Treatment of Immuno- deficiency. 1977.

Zelda Horowitz. Infantile Autism in Israel. An Exploratory Study in Differential Diagnosis and Etiology. Ramat Gan 1977.

Shmuel Hurwitz (1934-). Torat Ha-sade (The Laws of Gardening). Tel Aviv, 1977

Aharon Horovitz. The Quaternary of Israel, New York, 1979

Alfred L. Hurwitz et al., Disorders of Esophageal Motility. 1979. 179 p.

Menashe HorowitzHadbarat Asavim Rayim (Disinsfestation of Weeds, Tel Aviv 1981) .

Maxine Horwitz. Inside the Food Processor. 1981.

Joel Hurvitz & Carmen Richard. Special Devices for Hard of Hearing. 1981. 297 p.

Martin Horowitz, ed., The Glycoconjugates: Glycoproteins, Glycolipids & Proteoglycans. 1982 . Four volumes.

Louis Horowitz. Knowing Where to Look. The Ultimate Guide to Research. Cincinnati, 1984

Yigal S. Horowitz, ed. Thermoluminiscence & Thermoluminescent Dosimetry. 1984. Three volumes.

Ellis Horowitz. Fundamentals of Programming Languages, 2d edition, Rockville,MD, 1984. 446 p.

Orville Horwitz, ed. Diseases of Blood Vessels. 1985. 429 p.

Norman Harold Horowitz (1915-). To Utopia and Back: The Search for Life in the Solar System, New York 1986

Mannie Horowitz. Elementary Electricity & Electronics. 1986. 350 p.

David Gurwitz. Biochemical Characterization of Muscarinic Receptor-Agonist Interaction, 1986

Mardi John Horowitz (1934-). Introduction to psychodynamics. A new synthesis. 1988, 252 p.

Marcus A. Horwitz. ed., Bacteria-Host Cell Interaction. 1987. 410 p.

Emmanuel Horovitz. Cholesterol control made easy, how to lower your cholesterol for a healthier heart. 1990. 213 p.

Arthur J. Horowitz. A Primer on Sediment-Trace Element Chemistry, New York, 1991

Ilan Horowitz. The Painless Guide to a Healthy Back. Jerusalem, 1991

Leo M. Hurvich (1910- ). Color. Research and Applications, 1992-94.

Ossi Horovitz. Clasificarea Rationala a Elementelor Chimice (Rational Classification of the Chemical Elements). Cluj-Napoca 1995.

Paul Horowitz (1942-). The Art of Electronics, 2d ed.,Cambridge, 1997

Chaim T. Horovitz (1925-). Biochemistry of Scandium and Yttrium. Part 1: Physical and Chemical Fundamentals, New York 1999. 324 p. Part 2:Biochemistry and Applications, New York, 2000. 303 p.

Sergej A. Gurevich. Semiconductor Lasers in Optical Communications, St Petersburg, 2000

Tzach Horowitz. Memtzaim Mi-beit Ha-kvarot B-ezor Barkayi Mi-tkufat Ha-bronza (Discoveries from the Cemetery Barkay Area from The Bronze Period), Haifa 2000.

Leonard Horowitz. Death in the Air. Globalism and Toxic Warfare, Sandpoint, ID 2001

Aharon Horowitz. The Jordan Rift Valley. Rotterdam, 2001

Judaism, Zionism, Israel

Abraham ben Shabtai Halevi Horowitz (c.1550-c.1615). Chesed le-Abraham (Charity to Abraham). Krakow 1577. About Maimonides (Rambam).

Yeshayahu ben Abraham Halevi Horowitz (Hashala Hakadosh, Prague c. 1565-Tveria 1630). Shnei Luchot Habrit (Two Tables of Covenant), Amsterdam 1649.

Chaim Horowitz. Sefer Maim Chaim. Dietfurth, 1690.

Shabtay Sheftel Horowitz (c.1565-1619). Sefel Shefa Tal (Book of the Abundant Dew. Frankfurt/M 1719.

Loew Hurwitz. Margalit Tova. Frankfurt 1756. Commentary on Maimonides

Yehuda ben Mordechai Horowitz (18th century).Sefer Amudei Beit Yehuda. Amsterdam 1766.

Salkind Horwitz. Apologie des Juifs. Metz 1789.

Shabtai Sheftel ben Yeshaiahu Halevi Horowitz (c.1590-c.1660). Pelach Harimon. (Slice of Pomegranate). Kerez 1793.

Pinchas Eliahu Horowitz. Sefer Habrit. Vols 1-2. Bruenn 1797

Haim Hurwitz. Sagen der Hebräer. Aus den Schriften der alten hebräischen Weisen gezogen. Leipzig 1826.

Pinchas Leib Hurwitz. Religion und Judentum, Vols. 1-13, Berlin 1832.

Pinchas ben Tzvi Hirsh Halevi Horowitz (1730-1805). Sefer Ktuva (The Written Book). Lwow 1860.

S. Horowitz. Das Hohelied (The Song of Songs), Wien 1863, 19 & 48 p.

Elazar Halevi Horowitz (1803-1868). Yad Elazar. Vienna 1870.

Chaim Meir Horowitz (1856-1904). Haggada Haggadot (The Legend of Legends). Berlin 1881.

Menachem Mendl Horowitz. Derech Etz Chaim (Way of the Tree of Life). Krakow 1885.

David Halevi Horowitz (1858-1914). Sefer Kaveret Dvash (Book of Beehive with Honey). Warsaw 1893.

Mordechai Horowitz. Inschriften des alten Friedhofs der Israelischen Gemeinde zu Frankfurt (Inscriptions at the Old Cemetery of the Jewish Community in Frankfurt), 1901

Jakob Horovitz (1873-1939). Babel und Bibel, Frankfurt/M 1904

Salomon Horowitz. Lebenserinnerungen eines polnischen Juden. Lemberg 1909.

Saul Horovitz (1859-1921). Die Stellung des Aristoteles bei den Juden des Mittelalters. Leipzig 1911.

Shaul Israel Horowitz (1860-1922). Ha-chasidut Vha-haskala. Berlin 1911.

Salomon Horowitz. Untersuchungen uber die Quellen des Flavius Josephus in seinen Antiquitäten. Vienna 1919. PhD diss.

Jakob Horovitz. Die Josephererzählung. Frankfurt 1921. 156 p.

Israel Zeev Horowitz. Palestine History, 1923, 372 p.

Joseph Horovitz (1874-1931). Jewish Proper Names and Derivatives in the Koran, Ohio 1925.

Shmariahu Leib Horowitz (1878-1938). Sefer Ha-mezuza im Or Ha-mitzvot. New York 1925.

Hirsh Horowitz (1872-1945). Sefer Kitvei Ha-gaonim (Book of the Writings of Gaonim. Petrokov 1928.

Josef Horovitz. Die rechtliche Stellung der Jewish Agency. Basel 1933. PhD diss.

Rabbi Aron Horowitz. Zionism- A way of Life, 1939

Phineri Pinkas Horowitz. The Jews, The War and After, London, 1943

Dan Horowitz (1928-1991). Shana B-sograiym. Mi-gush Etzion L-shevi Ha-leghiyon (Encircled Year. From Gush Etzion to the Captivity of the Brigade), Merchaviya 1949

B. Horovitz, selected and arranged by. Trial and Error.The Autobiogarphy of Chaim Weizmann, London 1950, 608 pp.

Shlomo Horowitz. Kitzur Toldot Israel Ba-et Ha-chadasha (A Summary of Contemporary History of Israel), Haifa 1956. Vols. 1-3

Israel Zeev Halevi Ish-Horowitz (1880-1918). Irushalaim B-sifruteinu (Jerusalem in our Literature). Jerusalem 1964, 548 p.

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