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The project “Searching for My Roots” integrates itself perfectly with the other school subjects given regularly. We will now mention the activities that are carried out in conjunction with those subjects and the desired objectives.

Language: By the periodic reading of newspapers we wish to put the child into contact with what is happening in the world, analyzing it, and relating it to his past, while setting the ground for critical reading, an analysis of the text, the extraction of the main ideas and the capability of summarizing them. They also work on interrogatory sentences in preparing their questioners for use in interviewing family members and we also promote the use of writing skills while writing biographies with the information obtained during interviews.

Social Studies: It is a subject in which the student is permitted to compare today’s established society with the societies in which his ancestors lived, the causes and consequences of both and the different historical periods through which his relatives past in not so long ago by formulating a Time Line which takes into account personal, family, geographical, community and Jewish aspects.

Math: By means of gathering information and the development of a comparative chart with the countries of origin of relatives we develop a statistical study about the families of the students using real demographic values for its calculation.

Computer Science: This subject is a fundamental technical base for the entire program: By tabulating and calculating graphic designs in MsExcel with the data from the statistical study. By the realization of the Time Line using specialized software to build the family tree (Family Tree Maker). In the use of the Internet as a means of investigation in web pages of genealogy and general information, achieving communication through chat rooms, video conferences, e-mail and with other children. By using MsWord for the transcription of the collected anecdotes and biographies as well as that of the historical events which boost the information of the Time Line.

English: As the basic language for investigating families on the Internet: It’s a great help since the vast majority of available information is in English; as well as helping with basic terminology in the handing of family relationships and the basic personal information which is achieved with Family Tree Maker, which is only available in English.

Hebrew: As the mother tongue of Judaic culture, the written and oral communication with Israel is in Hebrew, obliging the student to reinforce his culture.

Music – Dances: Being two forms of expression of cultural representation of each lineage, the children learn, practice and work with songs and dances of bygone times which bring with them instructive messages and promote their identity with there origins.


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