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About the "Searching for my Roots" Study Guide

The objective of the guide “Searching for My Roots” is to help and motivate the child to identify themselves with their origins, their community by investigating their family and communities past over the last 100 years.

The project combines with subjects such as Social Studies, Math, Grammar, English, Music, Dance and Computer Science to develop integrated mini projects with dynamic and interesting technologies and activities such as: interviewing family members and elders, the gathering of information such as origins (countries, communities, flags, language, food, customs, geography, economy, people, etc.), the study and analysis of family pictures, documents, heirlooms and anecdotes, making their own time line, family tree, statistical studies with graphics of the origins of the child for the making of a final work that summarizes and shows all the accumulated information.

This guide is full of activities divided in chapters that can be used with no particular order and it’s open to remove or add all the information you will gather during the investigation.


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