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  • General Objective

    The objective of “Searching for My Roots” is to motivate all students to identify themselves with their religion, their community and their origins by investigating their family and communities past over the last 100 years using dynamic and interesting technologies and activities for the student such as: interviewing family members and elders, the realization of a family tree, the gathering of information such as origins (countries, communities, flags, language, food, customs, geography, economy, people, etc.), the study and analysis of family pictures, documents, heirlooms and anecdotes for the making of a final work that summarizes and shows all the accumulated information.

  • Specific Objectives

    Strengthen the Jewish identity of the participant by acquainting himself with his Jewish heredity and culture.
    Strengthen the student’s ties with the Jewish community in which he lives and develops.
    Involve the family in their offspring’s Jewish education and at the same time enrich the religious awareness of all of those involved in the project.
    Help so that each participant recognizes himself as an important member of his community, as well as that of the global Jewish community.
    Document and preserve the Families Jewish History.
    Help in the development of essential abilities, especially the ability to investigate, using technological tools, which allows him to preserve all gathered information and its subsequent usage to arrive at well-based conclusions.
    Deepen the relationship between students, family and school, enriching models of community participation.
    Motivate family members to participate through the materials that they contribute, favoring the interaction STUDENT – FAMILY – DOCUMENT.
    Study and analyze the technological changes and most important events of the twentieth century.
    Develop a final project, which brings together the compiled material, the family experiences and the origins of the family 90 history.
    Elaborate a campaign for the project and prepare the closing party for the presentation of plays, songs and a display of their undertakings.




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