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The guide used is material gathered and edited by Professor Daniel Horowitz, based on diverse bibliographies like the guide “Pikudey 2000” from the Melitz Foundation of Israel, which helps the child and his family to manage the interviews of relatives, the gathering and summarizing of material and information necessary for the preparation of a chronicle about the life of his forefathers.

  • Learning and material aids for each student: work folder and specially designed Software for the accumulation and organization of data.
  • Reference and bibliographical material for teachers and providers.
  • Training for directors, teachers and providers about the contents and ways of organizing the project
  • Establishment of a national information bank; its gathering and storage.
  • Constant support for teachers and providers: for the solution of questionable situations, in the preparation of events, etc.
  • Constant betterment courses.
  • Faculty reunions for the sharing of experiences
The subjects and activities involved in the project are:



Reunion with parents

The Inventory” Motivational story for parents about the importance of recuperating memories and the past.

Introduction with students


Introductory story for students which summarizes many of the points that will be worked on during the year (proper and surnames, children and adults, investigation of the families past, memories, the interview, etc.).

When my parents where my age

Explanation, preparation and development of a survey of the parents as practice for the surveys to be carried out with the rest of the family.

This is your life

Preparation and development of the interview of family members. As a classroom activity an interview is planned of a distinguished member of the community who will be invited to the classroom.

My album

Explanation of the criterion and conditions for the completion of the final report.

The family tree

Open class with parents: Handling of the program “Family Tree Builder” where it’s explained how to complete a family tree; forms, methods, importance and function.

My Time Line (Working tools)

Development of a personal and family Time Line.

Visualization of the Jewish community, the history of Israel and your country by using a Time Line (interactive CD made by previous students)

Who am I? (Origin, names)


Development of a personal and family Time Line.

Returning to my roots (where do we come from)

Fiddler On The Roof” Analysis of the movie highlighting life at the beginning of the 1900 in Czarist Russia and the changes in Jewish customs, migration and anti-semitism.

Origins of last names

The Study of the origins of proper names and surnames.

Family crests

Development of a family crest.

Yiddish vs. Jaketia

A study of the similarities and differences between the Ashkenazi and Sefardic cultures. Development of a dictionary of terms.

Arriving in America / Israel

Fivel, An American Story” Analysis of the movie where the immigration of Jews to the United States is highlighted.

This is my secret

The delving into anecdotes and family “secrets” sharing them in the classroom with fellow students by means of the game “20 questions”.

Practicing the family interview by interviewing a distinguished member of the community so that he can tell us his “secrets”.

A family anecdote

Who’s tale is this?

Shoa (holocaust)

Dear Kitty” - “The Ana Frank Dairy” analysis of the movies and a virtual walk

Through Ana Frank’s house using an interactive CD.

A document from the past

The study of a family document.

When pictures tell stories

The study of a family photograph.

The travels of an object

The study of a family heirlooms
A small piece of history

I also make history.

Technological changes

“From The Candle To The Laser Beam” A study of the advances in science and technology in the last 100 years.

Publicity campaign

Selling the project “Searching for My Roots” to the lower grades.

Party Party!!!

Preparation of the final presentation and display.

Final presentation

Party and display of “Searching for My Roots”

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